Carlos Medina is the director of IKARON
      THEATER.  He has been a resident in
      Germany since the seventies.

      Although his artistic roots lie in Chile, Carlos
      Medina has been active in European theater
      for over 26 years.  During this time he was
      director for nine years at two of the most
      significant theaters in Germany, the Berliner
      Ensemble and the Deutsche Theater.

      Ten years ago he founded his own ensemble
      in Berlin, the IKARON THEATER, and remains
      its director to this day.


    born in Chile


    high school diploma in Santiago de Chile

1965 - 1969

    actor training at the Hochschule der Schauspielkunst in Santiago de Chile


    first engagement as actor at the Theater Industriestadt Concepcion


    co-founder and actor at the Teatro Nuevo Popular in Santiago de Chile


    emigration to East Germany

1974 - 1976

    co-founder, actor, director and manager of Teatro Lautaro at the Volkstheater Rostock

1976 - 1980

    studied directing at the Institut für Schauspielregie in Berlin

1980 - 1985

    engagement as director at the Berliner Ensemble

1986 - 1987

    return to Chile after amnesty declared by military junta, renewed emigration due to continued persecution

1987 - 1990

    freelance director in East Germany and abroad

1990 - 1991

    engagement as director at the Deutsche Theater


    founder, manager and director of IKARON THEATER