Project Description

    “Exotopia - Living Difference in Equality” is the title of a play to be created by international cooperation between Chileans and Germans.

    The theater project, half carried out by graduates of the Acting School ARCIS Santiago de Chile, represents an international form of cooperation which will forge a link in building a cultural bridge between Chile and Germany as well as between Europe and South America.  By means of theater, a bridge of ideas and experiences will arise from the exchanges and encounters flowing from Berlin to Santiago, and back again.

    This concept of a “theater bridge” between Berlin and Santiago consists of bringing European theater
    experience together with South American traditions.  Here we will focus in particular on the epic theater of
    Bertolt Brecht, in whose theater house Carlos Medina worked as director for almost a decade.   Through
    common artistic endeavor, we hope to create between the capital cities of Santiago and Berlin a special
    connection that will span two continents.


Subject of the Production

    Reason would be a great power within us if it only knew who to fight.

    Even I believe that humanity will succeed  in the end. 
    Only I fear that at the same time the world will have
    become a large hospital in which the one will be the
    humane caretaker of the other.

             Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    Today in Chile as in Germany we see that critical discussion has been prevented by not only the silence of the perpetrators, but also the shame, passivity and guilt of large segments of the population.

    The experience of violence has isolated people, and distrust and widespread despondency dominates.
    The connection between violence, silence and isolation is not always recognized by “victims“.
    They unconsciously do everything to avoid confronting again the pain they have suffered.


Intention of the Production

    The real experiences and observations of each individual as well as their current development should be
    absorbed into the production and artistically processed.   The play will confront the public with the authentic,
    often dramatic, but very personal life stories of the actors.

    Our intention is to develop the performance as a multilingual project which will result in a bilingual production,
    i.e. the production will be a collage of German and Spanish.  For the most part, the play will be formed by
    means of choreography, movement and pantomime, images and metaphors.

    The play will be performed in Germany and later in Chile.  The premiere will take place in Berlin on 5 July 2002 .